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Planning & Development

The Junction – Beiseker Residential Development

The Junction in Beiseker is ideal for families seeking to escape the high prices and crowded living in Calgary. Nestled in Alberta’s picturesque prairie landscape, Beiseker captures the essence of small-town charm merged with modern appeal.  With a warm community spirit and rich history, it’s a serene escape that offers an authentic rural experience amidst stunning natural beauty.  The Junction is the perfect blend of affordability and convenience.  Lots for sale starting at $85,000.  Check out the beautiful show at 34 Clover Crescent


Per Land Use Bylaw #2019-04, all development in the Village of Beiseker must be approved through a development permit application.  This includes applications for new and renewed business permits.  Please contact the Village Office at (403) 947-3774, email, or click on the link below.
Development Permit Application

Safety Codes Council – Alberta

All development within the Village of Beiseker requires adherence to the Safety Codes regulations in Alberta.  Click on this link for information:

All permits for building, gas, plumbing or electrical must be applied for through the Village of Beiseker.  Please call the Village Office for the application form, or click on the link below.
Plumbing Permit Application
Gas Permit Application
Electrical Permit Application
Building Permit Application Form

Completed Permit applications can be faxed to (403) 947-2146 or emailed to or delivered to the Village office at 701 1st Avenue, Beiseker, AB.

Hierarchy of Plans

The Municipal Government Act of Alberta, Section  638 states that all statutory plans adopted by a municipality must be consistent with each other.  In Beiseker, if a conflict or inconsistency between statutory plans is found:

  • An Intermunicipal  Development Plan will prevail over a Municipal Development Plan or Area Structure Plan
  • A Municipal Development Plan will prevail over an Area Structure Plan and Land Use Bylaw
  • An Area Structure Plan will prevail over the Land Use Bylaw

Intermunicipal Development Plan

The Village of Beiseker and Rocky View County are currently negotiating the Intermunicipal Development Plan.

Beiseker Municipal Development Plan No 02-2013 (3)

Skyland Area Structure Plan 2000

Bylaws & Policies

Land Use Bylaw
Beiseker Land Use Bylaw 2019-04 is a regulatory document that implements the land use policy and regulates the use of land and buildings within the Village.  The Land Use Bylaw 2019-04 was adopted by Council on July 15, 2019.  A printed copy of the Land Use Bylaw can be obtained fro the Village Office or printed from this website.

A Land Use Bylaw can be amended from time to time by Council, or through an application for amendment from a landowner.  Any amendments to Bylaw 2019-04 will be posted to this website.

Questions concerning Land Use Bylaw 2019-04 or amendments should be directed to the Village Office (see contact information above)

Bylaw 2019-04 Land Use Bylaw Consolidated to Amending Bylaw 2020-06


Beiseker Land Use Map 2019

Policies Related to Planning & Development

Below is a listing of Beiseker policies which are to be taken into consideration (where applicable) in land use planning or development decisions.  The policies are used in conjunction with the statutory plans adopted by Beiseker, including, but not limited to:  Intermunicipal Development Plan, Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plan and the Land Use Bylaw.

  • Procedural Bylaw
  • Traffic Bylaw
  • Animal Control Bylaw
  • Regional SDAB Bylaw
  • CAO Bylaw
  • Fees and Schedule Bylaw
  • Code of Conduct Bylaw (Council)
  • Public Participation Policy (currently being drafted)

These policies/bylaws may be found on the Bylaws, Policing, Policies page of this website.

Other Information

Rules of a Public Hearing
2021 Community Overview – Village of Beiseker – A Socio-Economic Profile

Due to improving conditions, the Fire Advisory for Beiseker and East Rocky View has been lifted. Effective immediately, there are no fire advisories or bans, and permit burning in the County is allowed. Always follow safe burning practices.