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Property Tax & Assessment Notices

Property Taxes

Tax and assessment notices are mailed out in June and due July 31 of each year.  (If you are on the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP), you do not have to pay your annual taxes by July 31.)   Taxes can be paid by the following methods: – cash, cheque, debit, credit (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) online banking or by making arrangements at the Village Office to pay monthly on the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPPS) through electronic debit.
TIPPS Agreement
We also have a drop box at the front door of the Village of Beiseker Municipal Office for after hours use.
Your Tax and Assessment Notice covers the period from January 1 to December 31.  A 10% penalty will be applied on any unpaid portion of the current year’s taxes after July 31.  If you are a current TIPP participant, no penalty will be applied and full payment is not required on July 31.  Any unpaid taxes as of December 31 will have a 10% penalty January 1.

Appealing your Assessment

You have 67 days from date of mailing to appeal your assessment.  Your assessment appeal must be made in writing to the assessor, and it must be received on or before 67 days is up.

Assessor – David Clark, Wild Rose Assessment Accredited Municipal Assessor of Alberta – 403-343-3357

If your concerns are not satisfied after you have reviewed your assessment with the Assessor, you may file a complaint.

Filing a Complaint

The filing of a complaint does not relieve any person from the obligation to pay taxes owing on the property or penalties imposed for late payment of taxes in the event that for whatever reason the appeal is not heard prior to July 31.   If a ratepayer believes their assessment is incorrect, there is a comprehensive appeal process in Alberta – see Filing an Assessment Complaint link below.  The complaint process is defined in the MGA and associated regulations.  To submit a valid appeal, you must present a completed form and any supporting attachments, the agent authorization and the prescribed filing fee to the Village of Beiseker prior to the deadline indicated on the notice.  The required forms are available from the Village of Beiseker Administration Office.  Complaints must be filed within 67 days of the mailing date shown on the property tax notice.  Complaints can only be filed against the assessed value of the property, not against the taxes or tax rates.

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