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Property Taxes & Assessments

Property Taxes

As per Resolution of Council, Property Taxes are now due July 31st of each year. Tax notices are mailed out in June. Taxes can be paid by the following methods: – cash, cheque, debit, credit (MasterCard, Visa) online banking or by making arrangements at the Village Office to be on the monthly payment plan (TIPPS) through electronic debit.

We also have a drop box at the front door of the Village of Beiseker Municipal Office for after hours use.

Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board

To learn more about the Board’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic click here.

Hearing Directives (pdf)

The Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board (RARB) is an independent quasi-judicial board established by the authority of the Municipal Government Act, this board is responsible for making decisions regarding property assessment complaints.

Decisions of the RARB apply the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness in a consistent manner.

There are two types of assessment review boards that hear property assessment appeals:

  • Local Assessment Review Board (LARB)
    • Residential property with three or fewer dwelling units
    • Farmland
    • A tax notice other than a property tax notice
  • Composite Assessment Review Board (CARB) 
    • Residential property with four or more dwelling units
    • Non-residential property

Please contact the Board Clerk for more information.

Phone: 403-342-8132
Email:[email protected]

Filing an Assessment Complaint

What’s Next:

I filed an assessment complaint, what happens next?
Evidence (Disclosure)
What type of information should I submit?
How do I submit evidence?